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Music Lessons 

I am an experienced local private music tutor. I have a bachelor of arts majoring in music and psychology, which has given me strong relational skills with my students. I love to see my students thrive and take on a passion for music. 



I teach the Simply Music curriculum for piano, which has seen some fantastic results in my students. This method is practical and playing-based which makes it a good choice for all ages and abilities. I have also had great results using this method with children who have autism and ADHD. 

I am familiar with the Rock School and Trinity syllabus for grades and exams. 



-I teach acoustic guitar, chords, fingerpicking, and scales using the Rockschool syllabus. I want my students to be able to play and sing along! 



-My students learn about warmups, singing and performing techniques, pronunciation, singing harmonies, and songwriting in their vocal lessons with me. 



Several of my students have won awards for their songwriting. I am extremely passionate about teaching songwriting because I think it is an amazing form of self-expression for young people to learn. 

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